The new pump repair workshop is under construction!

"The progress is largely due to the fact that we want to move forward." /Seneca/

The Regional Operational Programme Managing Authority received with a positive evaluation and marked as worthy for support the Hírös Mester Ltd. project application – through the DAOP-1.1.1/E-11 Site development scheme – which resulted in the beginning of the construction, as an extension of the current site, the new pump repair workshop.

Thanks to this EU funded project our company can execute its pump repair activity in an up-to-date 300 m2 halls, which allows a much better Partner and Customer service.

This investment is an important milestone of our company’s existence through the decades of continuous growth and development. The pump repair service is one of our first activities, which consists the complete fulfilling the retail, the industrial services and the construction needs. Due to the realizing service workshop within this project, now we can complete the increased customer needs in appropriate circumstances and increasing the competitiveness too.

In addition above the service and repair stations we are building an office and separate social facilities, since with this project our goal was not only to preserve existing jobs but also create new ones.

We are confident that the investment will further strengthen our position in the market and foster more developments in the future.