The company

We established Hírös Mester Kft in 1999 with the aim to give services in the field of repair and trade to companies of waterworks and those who use pumps. During the past years our company has been making progress continuously. Accordingly, our area of activity has been increased considerably and now we are at the disposal of our Partners – both the population and the service providers and builders of water networks – not only in the region between the Danube and Tisza rivers but in the entire country.

Since 2002 we have been making complete jobs of constructing wastewater and sewage water pump stations, including construction and engineering, as well. In response to the Customers’ requirements we have extended the field of our activities by adding the design and overall installation of electric control for the pump stations to the range of services which we provide. With the aim to improve our services for private customers and companies alike, in 2005 we built a shop with an area of nearly 60 m2 where our professionally well trained colleagues help in selecting the right products for given purposes and answer any question in connection with pumps.

The main areas of our activity:

  • Repairing pumps – in conformity with the necessary technology and by using only original spare parts;
  • Trade with pumps and their parts;
  • Complete construction and renewal of wastewater and sewage water pump stations;
  • Complete construction and renewal of pressure boosters for drinking water;
  • Design and construction of electronic control cabinets, putting them into operation and their renewal;
  • Making and installing systems of data transfer – VHF, GSM, GPRS via satellites dishes and rented telephone lines;
  • Design and construction of systems of control technology according to their functions;
  • Making and installing plastic pumps and cabinets for water-meters in gardens – according to their users’ needs;
  • Making steel structures for sewage plants – with galvanized and corrosion-resistant elements;
  • Selling professional Fanox systems for the protection of pumps;
  • Selling and developing Merz systems of process display;
  • Engineering services, professional counselling, design, technical control and jobs of technical management with responsibilities in the entire area of public utility water services.