Pumps and their parts

Our supply involves most of the types of pumps which are sold in Hungary, together with their parts and accessories. We have composed our range of products according to the requirements of private customers and service companies, as well:
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Plastic products

Our choice of products includes ones made of polypropylene and polyethylene, as well, and when assembling the choice our aim was to meet the requirements of private customers and companies, too.
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Supply pumps

We offer our supply pumps mainly for those who operate public utilities in connection with water, as their maintenance is easy, and their use is cost effective at the same time.
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Electric control cabinets

The electric distributors of pump stations are made of corrosion-resistant steel. In order to protect the electric and control technology devices they are tempered, aired and perfectly separated from the air in the pump stations.
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Devices of motor protection

The proper measuring instruments, devices of protection and control units are absolutely necessary for the reliable and safe operation of pumps.
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Our products for industrial use

Having surveyed the requirements of public companies we have extended the range of our supply with products, the quality of which has a main influence on the results of waste water treatment, cleaning and energy use, and accordingly, on the costs of operation.
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