Devices of motor protection

The proper measuring instruments, devices of protection and control units are absolutely necessary for the reliable and safe operation of pumps. We are happy to offer the FANOX products, which we sell, to our Customers, as our Spanish partner has almost ten years’ experience in the field of making electric motors and protective devices used in several areas of industry.

Some advantages of the products:

  • With the so-called temperature memory it continuously models the temperature increase and decrease in the motor (at turning on, during use, at overheating and turning off).
  • At low load it detects any phase skip and – preventing permanent damages – the motor can be turned off immediately.
  • A signal on the side of the panel or in the display window of the motor immediately shows the reason for any emergency stop.
  • These protective systems offer the most economic and effective method which is now available. They are much more efficient than the traditional devices, including the thermoelectric and thermal relays, manual emergency stops and thermomagnetic breakers.
  • They are ideal for the protection of pumps, compressors, fans and other electric devices which are exposed to high temperature and frequent turning on and off.

Every model of the product family meets the applicable standards. The German PTB (Physikalisch-Tecgnische Bundesanstalt) has even found the G and BG models fit for the protection of EEx motors used on areas with explosion and other hazards.

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