Electric control cabinets

The electric distributors of pump stations are made of corrosion-resistant steel. In order to protect the electric and control technology devices they are tempered, aired and perfectly separated from the air in the pump stations.

The switchboard cabinets are fully integrated with the control technology, and regarding their construction they form one unit.

In the pump stations the signals of float switches, hydrostatic level transmitters or ultrasonic level detectors operate the pumps. The discrete level switches have the safety functions of emergency minimum and maximum.

A PLC processes the state signals, checking whether the conditions required for the safe operation are available or not. It also sends fault messages when the operators have to intervene.

The PLC is protected against loss of voltage by a battery powered, uninterruptable power supply with steady temperature, which also gives signals to the control system (no input voltage, complete battery discharge, breakage in the temperature sensor).

The control unit is able to monitor the state signals – necessary for control – and the protection of motors against heat, continuously. In case a motor loses its electronic protection against heat or short circuits – as its signal gets into the PLC – the event is registered and a warning signal is generated to the operator. Every magnetic switch sends signals to the PLC through its auxiliary contacts if they are activated. If this signal is not displayed in the control unit, this unit generates a fault signal. The same methods of fault treatment may be applied to the devices of level measurement and the level switches.

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