Our products for industrial use

Having surveyed the requirements of public companies we have extended the range of our supply with products, the quality of which has a main influence on the results of waste water treatment, cleaning and energy use, and accordingly, on the costs of operation.

The diffusers (airing membranes) which we sell are made of top quality EPDM rubber or silicone. During their design a primary aspect was to increase their output and reduce the costs. Due to the technology available by the use of quality membranes, and through the higher capacity of oxygen transfer, not only the output of processing increases, but the quality of water, as well.

Our range of products involves devices of flow generation which can be commonly used for cleaning industrial and communal sewage water. Their installation and maintenance are easy and their noise level is also low. The volume, thickness, viscosity and dept of the liquids to be agitated determine the selection of the proper agitators.

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