Repair of pumps

It is especially important for us to keep our Customers and Partners satisfied with our services. Accordingly, when servicing pumps or surveying the actual conditions of a site we always pay much attention to the possible causes of malfunctions; with the aim to prevent similar problems in the future.
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Constructing pump-stations

For almost ten years we have been ready to offer the entire construction and installation of wastewater and sewage water pump stations which job includes building and engineering, as well.
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Control technology

For the continuous and safe operation of wastewater pump stations, and in order to keep the downtime caused by malfunctions on a minimum level, we propose the introduction and completion of a system of control and remote supervision.
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Making designs

We are at your disposal not only for constructions, but also in the phase of making designs, whether they are for electric elements or those of control technology.
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